Please note the following guidelines before submitting an application:

  • Awards are available to athletes and musicians
  • Candidates should be between the ages of 16 – 23
  • Candidates must be New Zealand citizens
  • Candidates must be resident in the Waikato/BOP region
  • Candidates must be representing a Waikato/BOP club (if relevant)
  • For applicants that have received scholarships in past years, consideration is given to previous engagement in the programme

*The Trustees reserve the right to award scholarships to candidates who fall outside these criteria.

* Scholarships awarded are typically between $500 – $5,000


Are you:
  • A holder of any recognised music qualification(s)?
  • Enrolled in a tertiary institution to study music?
  • Considered to have the potential or to be amongst the best in your chosen area of music?

While NCEA curriculum achievement in music will be noted, more emphasis will be placed on involvement and success in the co-curricular programmes such as Smoke Free Rockquest, Play It Strange, Pacifica Beats, Battle of the Bands, Lexus Song Quest and the like.


Are you:
  • A leading sportsperson in your discipline?
  • Winning national titles in categories well above your age group?
  • Demonstrating outstanding dedication and positive attitude towards achieving goals?
  • Committed to your chosen sport with clear long term goals

Applications have now closed for 2018


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The Adastra Foundation acknowledges the support of: