On Wednesday 29 March 2018, the Adastra Foundation hosted a Function to Welcome the 2018 recipients into the Adastra Family. With over 70 recipients attending it was one of our biggest turn outs ever.  We were thrilled to have past recipient and Olympian, Jaime Nielson, in attendance as well as our long standing Foundation Trustees – Kevin Burgess, Jennifer Palmer, Andy Roche who were able to introduce new Trustees Mark Hollands and Graeme Maw.

As well as recognising our 113 recipients we took the opportunity to incorporate a mentoring session. The theme of the evening was ‘A simple hello could lead to million things.”  As really that’s the essence of networking.
We totally get that our recipients are most comfortable on the sporting field or stage and functions can be awkward.
Do you eat the whole tail of the prawn?
Is black tie really wearing a black tie?
We wanted to make the night fun and learn more about the recipients…as…people.
We hoped everyone got the chance to meet some new people and gain confidence in networking.
And just remember…..always say hello to the person sitting next to you the plane you never know what it could lead to.

“Thanks for last night, was a nice evening and cool to catch up with some athletes and meet new ones. look forward to working with you more throughout the year.”