We locked in the Breathing Guru – Craig Newlands – to host a practical Breathing Clinic with recipients on Tuesday July 10th.  And before you ask…yes, they got to lie down on the job!
“In the arts or any sport it is important to monitor breathing quality. A good rhythmical, mechanically efficient pattern can assist with endurance, technique and overall performance. Altered breathing pattern/ breathing pattern disorders can vary from poor diaphragmatic use, to hyperventilation syndrome and can potentially have a detrimental effect on performance and health.
Breathing well helps us relax, normalises body biochemistry, reduces muscle pain and allows the re-establishment of normal posture and movement.”

“Had an amazing time at the Breathe seminar and learnt lots and have a lot to take away regarding to helping with nerves etc. I wanted to get a photo to send and do a little thank you to the trustees and everyone so I got this photo taken. Thank YOU!”