Aleksia Junge | Sport

Aleksia Junge | Sport

Hi, my name is Aleksia Junge and I am currently a Year 12 student at Waikato Diocesan School for Girls. Most of my time is spent at school and playing hockey. Outside of those things I like to go tramping and open-water swimming. I also like to paint and draw.

On the turf, goalkeeping is my specialised position. I have been goalkeeping for 6 years. During this time I have been in the Dio 1st XI for 4 years and won several NZSS and NISS tournaments and made various Waikato teams, including the 2019 Waikato U15 A and the 2020 U18 and U16 squads. This year I have also been lucky enough to train with the Waikato Women’s team. Along with my own hockey endeavors, I have been involved in helping younger hockey players by coaching primary school teams, co-coaching Dio junior teams and coaching intermediate goalkeepers.

Through playing hockey I have learnt many valuable skills, including time management, communication and other interpersonal skills. I also have an interest in sports psychology as this has helped me to overcome a long term injury. Goalkeeping has helped me to develop strong leadership skills, because it is a very specialist position that requires the individual to step up and lead their team from the back. I am also a person that is prepared to put 100% in for myself and for my team.

Challenging myself is something that is very important to me, so I push myself to chase my goals in the sport and other academic areas of my life. Sport takes up a lot of my time though I still hold myself to a high standard academically. I enjoy working hard to excel at my schooling. I also pride myself on being a person that sticks to their values and beliefs, and is determined to achieve their full potential. Adastra foundation scholarship and associated support would really help me on my way to achieving my full potential!


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February 15, 2022