Amber Daisley | Music / Performing Arts

Amber Daisley | Music / Performing Arts


I personally am a very dedicated, determined and motivated person intrinsically. Over the years I have had large obstacles thrown my way and I overcame those obstacles by using dance to help express my feelings as a person. I always try my very best to go above and beyond every task given to me as I am motivated to get tasks done, even if they are difficult, I know that I am learning in a positive direction. I feel as if the world is your oyster and that people need to seize every opportunity they can take, as you never know where that opportunity can lead you too. I believe that the more hard work you put in the more positive the outcome will be, and which helps you grow as a person. My personal values are to never give up and despair and always bounce back up and persevere, and as well as to encourage those who look like they need a little more confidence as encouragement can go a long way. I am a very supportive and kind person towards my peers as I feel I am a reliable person to help lift others up. I have a very admirable personality trait as I am always there for others and I am self determined. I hate when hard obstacles get in my way as there is always two ways you can go about it, one you could let it get the best of you and get you down, or two you could find a way to get through it which helps you become a stronger person. I have always chosen to find a way to get through an obstacle, which is why today I am a very resilient person.


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February 15, 2022