Brad Coxon | Sport

Brad Coxon | Sport

Hi, I am Brad, I am 18 and play field hockey

As a representative of the 1st eleven Hamilton Boys High School team, I consider myself a valuable member and I strive to be a positive role model for my newer teammates. I have been offered the role as Vice Captain for the Premier Hockey League in the Waikato. I consider this to be an invaluable opportunity and honor in order to develop these skills as a player, a leader and in my overall contribution to the team. I have also been nominated by HBHS and my club to attend the Waikato Academy for Young Achievers. This selection was due to my regional hockey representative role. The program will enhance my skills and give me the support to manage the complex demands of sport, work, study, health and life. I have learnt the valuable trait of humility and enjoy the opportunity to learn from my older peers and coaches.

I work part time in order to support finances where possible and have saved for my first vehicle in order to be responsible with my school and hockey commitments. I quickly learn to manage my time and work in group situations under tight deadlines. I do this in order to achieve in all aspects of my life and to ensure I am able to reach my full potential. I recognise the importance of a strong work ethic, persistence, and intellectual integrity.

The financial cost of my hockey ambitions is a challenge for my family to meet and I am grateful for the opportunity to try and raise some of the much needed funds that will allow me to continue my goal and passion for hockey. Ultimately an opportunity to strive to be an elite athlete for New Zealand Hockey


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February 6, 2018