Brianna Rackham | Music / Performing Arts

Brianna Rackham | Music / Performing Arts

I grew up in the small town of Waihi Beach on the East Coast of Aotearoa. I’ve had a passion for music since 9 years old and first started out busking and participating in local talent competitions. At age 11 I featured on the local radio station Gold FM performing my original “Do this, Do that”. From there I went on to perform at various restaurants and venues, receiving a lot of love and support from the community. Since then I have developed a raw and authentic indie/ acoutsic style. I draw inspiration for my songs from real life experiences, and invite people to be apart of the journey through vivid story telling. Last October I was cast in the choir for the show ‘Girl’ choreographed by Parris Goebel where I had the chance to perform alongside the well known NZ Dance crew, Royal Family. A month later I released my first EP on all streaming platforms. My other interests include Dance and Drama, in April 2019 I was apart of the She Shines On tour with the dance academy, Precision Dance based in Tauranga, where we had the opportunity to perform on Hollywood Boulevard and the Disneyland stage. I’m currently studying my level four certificate in music at the music and audio institute of technology in Auckland, this has been a great opportunity to connect with fellow musicians and creatives alike.

I strongly believe that hard work and dedication is vital in whatever career you choose. In order to keep moving forward I think it is important to keep setting goals for yourself, and surrounding yourself with supportive people which provides an encouraging environment, especially in such a competitive industry.


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February 9, 2021