Courtney Elliott | Sport

Courtney Elliott | Sport

I believe I am a confident young Maori female who is committed to achieving my goals. I work hard and am committed to my education, with drive to meet challenges head on. I have a positive attitude and know that this scholarship can help me immensely in achieving another goal of leaving tertiary debt free, as I know this to be a huge burden when students graduate.

My future aspiration is to become a role model for rangatahi Maori by performing at a high level in my sporting endeavours and career pathway. My ultimate goal in netball is to play for a National Franchise Team and go on to becoming a Silver Fern, whilst also managing a stable job as an accountant.

I believe my experience in high level sport has shaped me as an individual. Through my successes and less fortune moments I have learnt and gained the vision of what is required to achieve what I desire. This has definitely been an influence towards my personal motivation to succeed in both my academics and sports. I am very passionate of the things I do which ensures my commitment to succeed. Not only that but my family have played a very strong part in my past/present achievements. They are very supportive and encouraging in everything I do and always have my best interest at heart.

In sport the art of communication pays a strong part in succeeding. It is in sport I feel I have gained confidence in myself and the ability to apply such skills in a leading role. I have been fortunate to lead/captain both sporting teams and educational school groups. My most recent achievement was the privilege of Captaining the 2016 NZSS Netball Team. I enjoy inspiring and encouraging people to be the best they can be. I continue to take the initiative to contribute and lead in many areas I am exposed to.

I am a very competitive individual and enjoy competing in a range of sports. My main extracurricular sports that I focus highly on is my Netball and Muay Thai. Over the past 4-5 years I have managed to balance my school workload with my sporting commitments.


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February 6, 2018