Dominic Pearce | Sport

Dominic Pearce | Sport

Hi my name is Dominic Pearce, I am 16 years old and I was born in Hamilton, Waikato.

My Dad played for the Tall Blacks when he was growing up and at a very early age he was sharing his love of basketball with me. This lead to the passion and love I have for the sport of basketball today, and one day I would like to be as good as him.

At the age of 5, I started playing with Koromatua Basketball Club. I started playing representative basketball with Waikato Basketball Association. My first representative team was U11 and my intention is to keep playing for WBA until I leave the region. I am currently in Y12 at St Johns College and I am proud to have been selected for the Senior Prem A Team this year as a Y12 student. Earlier this year, I toured to Australia with the Basketball Pasific New Zealand Koru U18 basketball team. This was a highlight for me as it was my first time playing basketball in another country.

I am very lucky to have had some great players around me to help me improve my game. I am also very lucky to have had numerous incredible giving coaches that have mentored my growth as a person and a basketball player. I have met so many friends through basketball and appreciate them all.

In my free time I like listening to music, going to the gym to shoot hoops and doing workouts at the gym. I have had a part job in a cafe for one year and am learning to be a barista. I love travelling with my family and going to the beach.

I plan to continue to work hard and be disciplined in all aspects of my life and hopefully this will lead to more success in the future on and off the court.

Dominic Pearce


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February 5, 2024