Eva Morris | Sport

Eva Morris | Sport

I’m Eva Morris, a 21 year old synchronised swimmer from Tauranga who has been doing synchro for the last 9 years, and representing New Zealand for the past five I have been lucky enough to be the captain of the NZ Aquaferns and compete at some amazing places over the past few years, including a Junior World Championship and three FINA World Championships. The thing I love most about synchro is how combines the strength of swimming with the grace of dance and a touch of acting to help portray the emotion of the the routine. I am hugely proud to represent New Zealand in the sport I love, And Inspire young girls and boys to give synchro a try.

Synchro has taught me so much about myself – discipline, time management, self motivation and confidence. It has also taught me a lot about how to work in a team. Last year I was appointed captain of the New Zealand National Team, it has been really rewarding for me too lead a group of amazing young girls to a World champs and see them grow both as swimmers and as people. My goal for my synchro career is to compete at the Olympic Games, New Zealand has never had a team qualify so this would be a huge accomplishment not only for me but for the future of our sport.

I am so grateful for this sport, it has taught me so many life lessons. I try to give back to it as much as possible through coaching. I love seeing how happy synchro can make little girls and boys, it makes me re- fall in love with the sport every time I coach them.


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February 26, 2020