Gus Shivnan | Sport

Gus Shivnan | Sport

I am an enthusiastic sports person who is motivated to achieve my goals in Surf Life Saving along with continuing to perform at a high level in all my other sports – Swimming, Waterpolo, Volleyball. I am always looking to improve myself, be the best me, whether it is in my sport, or other aspects such as leadership, academics, or just my everyday life. I love to get involved in everything I can, from giving advice to the up and coming young athletes in my sports clubs, or volunteering to stay back after school and lend some academic help to my peers.

Although very busy in my sporting career I value academic success equally as much, if not more so. I make sure to keep up with, and when possible, exceed the required school work, ensuring that I get the best grades possible, which I continue to do. Trying to balance all of my schoolwork, sports and social life can be a struggle a lot of the time because of how busy I can get, but by having priorities as well as a reasonable judgement of when it is time to relax, whether it be at the beach, or as of recently, on the golf course, I know when to enjoy myself.

In the future I would love to be a professional athlete in Surf Life Saving, but because this is not a very well recognised sport currently, I have also set myself the goal of studying and completing university with an engineering degree of some form, as this is my academic passion and it allows me to help out society in my own way.


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February 15, 2022