Isabella Falconer | Music / Performing Arts

Isabella Falconer | Music / Performing Arts

Kia ora my name is Isabella I am a 19 year old aspiring operatic vocalist.

I am currently in my 2nd year at Waikato University studying towards my bachelor of music majoring in classical voice.

From a young age I was infatuated by music, the spark was lit at the age of six when I first listened to Beethoven’s 5th symphony at my grandparents house. I would sit for hours in the living room attempting to sing along to each of the intruments.

Music has been a constant throughout my life helping me overcome challenges and providing a strong focus and direction.

I would paint myself as having a strong worth ethic and dedication to my craft. Starting at six years old I joined an after school musical theatre class called Musical Stars which I attended until I was 16 years old. This company instilled a passion and drive for music within me that has never dissapated. Throughout my years I have been involved in every aspect of music I can from being in school choirs and orchestras, competing in vocal competitions, attending the New Zealand Singing School and even teaching. University has enabled me to specialise on opera which is both a challenge and a passion and I am determined for it to be my career path.

I believe music is an integral part of society and a great healer. In 2019 I underwent surgery and a number of other challenges and I believe that if it weren’t for music and getting into the vocal programme at Waikato University, my perseverance to overcome all obstacles throughout my life would not be as strong as it is today.

I dream of one day being able to spread the joy of opera to the world by performing on the big stages providing people the magic that music brings.


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February 15, 2022