Jack Carswell | Sport

Jack Carswell | Sport

My name is Jack Carswell and I am a 15 year old attending Cambridge High School.

I spent my early years in Christchurch before moving to Switzerland at the age of eight where I lived for three years with my family in the town of Leysin, near Geneva. In 2014 I moved back to Cambridge, New Zealand and started cycling not long afterward.

With encouragement from my parents and the people around me over the past 4 year I’ve developed into a skilled and strong rider. I have had a number of big wins in recent years, along with my fair share of disappointments that I’ve turned into learning experiences.

Currently I am studying Bio/Chem, Maths, English, Sport Science, PE and French at school. I had also previously studied sports and leadership as an extra-curricular activity.

I believe in training hard when I need to, but also training smart and approaching each aspect of my sport with an open mind independent of previous experiences allowing me to improve in a variety of ways.

It is my goal to one day race at the top level of cycling and compete in the biggest races such as the Tour de France and Olympic Games.


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February 26, 2020