Jordan Parry | Sport

Jordan Parry | Sport

Born and raised in Tauranga central, went to Tauranga Boys’ College where I joined the Tauranga Rowing Club in 2010 as a year 10 or form 4. I never really tried any form of endurance sport competitively, only the many ball sports my schooling had to offer but yes after I found rowing there was no going back. My school rowing had gone well picking up a few national titles yet I wanted to pursue University down in Otago. I studied Accounting, quickly changing towards a Degree in Bachelor of Arts majoring in Education. I realised I wanted to be a teacher once I had taken an interest paper in human development. Observing the stages we go through in childhood and adolescence, I related this to my personal experiences and how much I value the sensitivity to growth, learning and how this is a porcelain period in our lifespan.

During University in Otago I discovered so much more out of rowing I could ever asked for. I made the University of Otago Rowing club’s top 8 where we travelled to St. Petersburg, Russia on an Inter-University Regatta. It had to be some of the best moments of my life. I knew I loved to win but from my brief time in Otago, I found rowing made me truly happy. After only a brief year in Otago, I moved to flat in Waikato, Cambridge where I began my campaign to pursue my limits in the sport while finding work on the side to fund it and continue study part-time. That season 2014/2015 I managed to make my first Under 23 New Zealand team. I think to generally sum up myself, when I start something say a physical endeavour, I always love to take a moment and visualise how I wanted this to go down and basically conjure the desire.


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February 6, 2018