Julian David | Sport

Julian David | Sport

I’d like to introduce myself I’m Julian David a 17-year-old New Zealand Speed Climber who attends Tauranga Boys College.

I am currently the fastest speed climber in New Zealand and have a national record of 8.74s.

My current personal best is 7.40s I have won the New Zealand nationals for both Youth A and Opens categories setting new records for New Zealand in both divisions. In June I competed at the Australian 2022 speed nationals and came first for under 18 males.

I have been selected by Speed Climbing New Zealand to be a part of the New Zealand Speed Program. The team consists of Valerie Adams and Tom Walsh’s power coach. As my speed coach, I also work with Kerry Hill. The program has also teamed up with mental coach Klaus Regenault.

To support me in my development and since the start of the program, Aleksandra Miroslaw, current women’s world champion and record holder is consulting with our group.

I am attending world cups in China, Indonesia, the U.S.A, New Caledonia, and Europe this year and 2023.

I have plans for many more world cups around the world in the lead-up to the 2024 Paris Olympics which is my current goal.

I am also quite active on social media and will post my achievements on Instagram (@Julian.david15).

However to meet my objectives I will need support to travel the world competing internationally to ultimately achieve my selection to the 2024 Seed Climbing Paris Olympics proudly representing Aotearoa on the world stage.


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February 27, 2023