Leila Walker | Sport

Leila Walker | Sport

I’m Leila Walker, a 16 year old Cambridge High School student and Bmx racer. To accompany my passion for bikes, I am one that has a strong love for anything sport. As a kid I grew up doing a bit of everything and can safely say I was a tad obsessed with the outdoors. I believe that the values in which sport provides are endless. In my 10 years of involvement with Bmx I have been lucky enough to travel the world as a young kid. Through my experiences travelling, I have developed a stronger appreciation for the resources and opportunities available in New Zealand. I love the social side of competing, the way that sport unites like-minded individuals and regardless of the competitive nature, it encourages life long friendships.

To me, Bmx is humbling, it an opportunity to better myself over and over. Its a reminder that there is no limit to what I can achieve. I pride myself to have a respectable work ethic and drive for success. I believe that with discipline and a willingness to learn the world is your oyster. As a young child I experienced a lot of success, which was great. But I’ve always been aware that moving into the Elite ranks and in a sport as unpredictable as Bmx, its going to be tough. This being said, it excites me to move forward and face the bigger obstacles in which are yet to come. I’m more determined than ever for the future and cant wait to wear the fern with great pride.


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February 15, 2022