Mary Ieremia-Allan | Sport

Mary Ieremia-Allan | Sport

Hitting my team mates head with the ball on international television, nearly blowing up the school science lab, falling over as I receive an award at prizegiving. Yup that was, and sometimes still is me. Fa’atalofa atu, malo lava le soifua. O lo’u igoa o Mary Ieremia-Allan. I am a proud 17 year old student from Hamilton Girls High School passionate about advocacy, political awareness, and acknowledgement of indigenous history. As a first generation New Zealander in my family, I have learnt the value of applying yourself to what ever you think are capable of. Due to the migration of both my parents I feel so fortunate to have been raised in a community that embraces my diversities, as well as allows me to remain planted in my identity. On a sports field I feel a sense of homeliness as I play. All the worry is left behind as you run out onto the pitch, and all you think about is having your team mate’s back.

I am definitely not your picture perfect athlete who was incredibly successful all throughout their career. I have been dropped from teams time and time again, and I have made crucial mistakes in big games time and time again. However, what I have learnt from these tribulations is the importance of maintaining other passions in your life in order to not get so caught up in one aspect. Sport has been a huge coping mechanism in terms of mental health and getting myself organised with other co-curricular activities, and I am so thankful to have received all the support that I have thus far.


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February 15, 2022