Natalie Delamere | Sport

Natalie Delamere | Sport

Every year, every coach has asked me what my Why was and it was always the cliche I play for my family and friends but now that I have grown older(all of 22yrs) I have become more aware that family and friends is not my why, Yes, they do add value but No it is not my why.

My why is; I come from a small town that is surrounded by gangs, alcohol and drugs and if it wasn’t for Rugby I would probably be another statistic. So this sport gave me a reason to get up early to train and keep myself happily busy.

My why is; to better myself. I happily drive an hour and a half one way, there and back to training’s twice a week. To better myself on the field, I got a second job to cover extra costs of travel just to make that one extra gym training

My why is; the loyal friendships gained, the life lessons taught (discipline, courage, confidence etc.) the networks created, the satisfying feeling of exhaustion after a conditioning session.

MY WHY IS; I play because this is what makes me happy. I play for myself.


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February 26, 2020