Rico D’Anvers | Sport

Rico D’Anvers | Sport

BMX racing has been my sporting passion for 12 years now. I have always put my best foot forward and dedicated countless hours into becoming the best rider and sportsperson I can. Throughout my career, I haven’t seen many people get excited when mechanical problems occur with their bike. However, I am different. To me, this represents an opportunity for me to whip out the tools, investigate and solve the problem on hand. Whether the fix was a success or failure, I know that there will be some learnings to take away. Ultimately, becoming a Mechanical Engineer is where I see myself in the future. Throughout my entire life, I have been intrigued by mechanical systems. Classic cars, in particular, interest me, and I wish to carry this passion into later life and make a career out of it.

Aside from BMX, I am a full school prefect at St Paul’s Collegiate School in Hamilton, which has been a goal of mine after not being selected as a prefect at Southwell School. I firmly believe that following my three central values of loyalty, respect and integrity is what led me to wear a prefects blazer at St Paul’s and to be able to lead my peers and younger students alike.

The primary value I carry with me in all aspects of life is loyalty. Whether it’s school, BMX, playing the guitar, working on my car or everyday life, I display loyalty by ensuring I set aside time for homework every day, am at all training sessions and prioritising my daily activities so I can achieve what is important to me and needs to get done. Undoubtedly, loyalty is the main ingredient for my success over multiple ventures for many years.


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February 26, 2020