Rosa Hook | Music / Performing Arts

Rosa Hook | Music / Performing Arts

My parents have instilled what I consider good values into my day to day life. They have shown me Love, kindness, integrity, perseverance and honesty. These are just some of the values which I would like to take into adulthood.

Music and Artistic Skating have been part of my life since a very young age and Im really thankful that I was given the opportunity to learn them. They are both creative and yet very difficult to master, they require many many hours of work and training, there is no short cut and often there is a lot of failure before there is success. But both of these have also taught me inner strength, perseverance and when you fall down you need to get back up and keep on going.

Creating things that others like to listen too or watch as much as I like performing them is amazing.

I think it has also made me empathetic to others as I know how lucky I have been to have these opportunities and now that I am teaching both Artistic skating and Violin to others, I can understand, that they need my encouragement and belief in them and how to keep going even when its hard.

Through all the hard work I know it is important to keep a sense of humour and friendships are also really important to me

Honesty is also very important.. Not only being trustworthy but being true to oneself. this has allowed me to follow my dreams.


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February 26, 2020