Sharnae Taylor | Sport

Sharnae Taylor | Sport

I have spent my life in Hamilton where I have played and represented hockey at all levels. Hockey is a passion of mine and has been for a long time. I am a hardworking, dedicated person, with a ‘never give up attitude’. Whether that is learning, playing or coaching the younger generation, I am passionate about all. Leadership on and off the field is another aspect that I value.

This year with COVID-19 disrupting sport and life and unfortunately also injuring myself – ruptured ligament in my ankle, I have had to self-reflect and work even harder to get back to my 100% level. Not quite there yet but happy to say I’m back on the field playing again and doing what I love. This injury has certainly taught me, respect, resilience and the different levels of mental strength. I’m thankful I have great support around me from family & friends and believing in yourself is key. A positive from being injured is that I’ve been able to still coach an Intermediate school team which allowed me to have more focus on how to help develop and encourage these kids achieve their ‘greatness’.

I have continued to push myself to a high level, developed my leadership skills, and improved my skills and knowledge towards hockey. Last year’s Midlands NHL level hockey taught me significant skills sets learned from fantastic black stick players that I hope to continue in the future. Through my injury I was still able to keep fit and involved and because of my history I am part of the Premier Hockey League as a stand by player which is something I’m proud to have achieved, whilst injured for most of season.

To this day my go-to quote is still “you will never learn and improve if you never fail”


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February 9, 2021