Sharnae Taylor | Sport

Sharnae Taylor | Sport

My name is Sharnae Taylor, I’m in my first year at Waikato University. I am currently studying a double major in Health, Sport and Human Performance.

Hockey is a passion of mine and has been for a long time. I am a hardworking, dedicated person, with a ‘never give up attitude’ to keep achieving my goals. Whether that is playing or coaching the younger generation I am passionate about both. Leadership on and off the field is another aspect that I value. I believe that you can have some type of leadership within a group or team no matter the age group you are in. This year I have continued to play hockey to a high level, developed my leadership skills, and improved my skills and knowledge towards hockey. I have achieved many of the goals that I have set for myself and exceeded others. This year I have continued to play for the Premier Club Team, Midlands Regional U18 Team – and captained, Midlands Regional U21 Team, and the Midlands Regional NHL women’s team. I was also recently selected for this years NZ U18 Development Squad.

I also decided to take the role of coaching the Fairfield intermediate girls hockey team and co-coach the HGHS Secondary school 2nd XI team as well. The Fairfield team also attend the National Aims Games in Tauranga. The excitement and enthusiasm of these children always remind me of why I love coaching.

The challenge between balancing University studies, playing/training, coaching and working have been very tough. I have managed to do it but have found it very difficult to fit in any downtime for friends and family and any regular work. Because of this, I have re-evaluated my life and next year I am looking to study part-time, work as much as I can, as I’m looking to travel overseas and continue to grow my hockey & life experiences.

My family has been the biggest and best supporters I could ever ask for, whether its life advice, work/life/social balance or just day to day support. They try to follow me wherever my hockey takes me, and I appreciate and love them so much for that.

To this day my go-to quote is still “you will never learn and improve if you never fail”


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February 26, 2020