Shaun Campbell | Sport

Shaun Campbell | Sport

I am a self motivated and determined athlete. As a golf representative I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel and mix with some of the best players throughout Australasia. I am driven to succeed and thrive on the challenge of competition and personal development. I enjoy giving back to my community when I can and value teamwork. I am proud of my grassroots background and am as happy playing a round of golf with veterans, juniors,family members; as I am with regional representatives and NZ team members. I aim to do my best and have always set high standards for myself especially in the world of golf.

I am a member of a proud golfing family and they have encouraged me to believe in myself and have been the main reason why I have made it to where I am today. Most people would describe me as a gentle giant. I enjoy being around others and taking part in social activities, particularly hanging out with friends who are playing other sports and involved in school and community events.


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February 6, 2018