Sophie de Vries | Sport

Sophie de Vries | Sport

Hi, my name is Sophie and I am currently a year 12 boarder at St Peters Cambridge. I began cycling when I was 10 after getting bored of watching my brother race BMX on the weekends, and decided to have a go at it myself. When I began intermediate, I gave road and track a go, and fell in love with Track Cycling. I moved to St Peters half way through year 10 to board so that I could pursue my track cycling dreams, as I didn’t get to ride track often back home.

Currently at school I am taking, Biology, Advanced English, Health, Calculus and History, and Health, History and Biology are my favourite subjects. After leaving school, I want to go to Waikato University to study a Law and Arts Conjoint degree, as I want to become a Human Rights Lawyer after cycling.

Through the Adastra Scholarship, I am hoping to learn skills which will help to better myself as a person both on and off the bike, such as mental skills to help me deal with pressure, and life skills such as writing a CV and gaining sponsorship which will help me off the bike for both during and after my cycling career.


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February 15, 2022