Xavier Tiffany | Sport

Xavier Tiffany | Sport

Mālo Lelei, Bula Vinaka!

My name is Xavier Tiffany.

I was raised in a typical New Zealand sporting family, surrounded by Touch, Sevens and Rugby. I grew up playing all 3 sport socially, at school and at both national and international levels. I transferred over to Olympic Weightlifting half way through my last year at high school after a bad concussion forced me to have some time of sport. During this time off I decided that I would break the classic Kiwi mold of being a rugby player and pursue a career in Olympic Weightlifting.

In the short time I have spent in sport, it has taught me so much and I have grown so much, mentally, emotionally, spiritual and physically. I have become a Xavier Tiffany I never knew was possible. In my short time in the sport I have competed in many different competitions, achieving goals I thought would take years to complete. One of those being achieving an NZ grade high enough to allow me to have the chance to travel to Mexico to compete in the 2023 Junior World Championships.

I am Fijian, Tongan and Kiwi. I proudly identify and represent my heritage and culture at every chance possible. All throughout high school I had the opportunity to be involved in Pasifika groups, performances, celebrations, sport days and trips. In my last year of School at the Māori and Pacific Island Celebration Awards Evening, I was awarded ‘The Good Samaritan Award’ which was for the most significant contribution to the Hamilton Boys’ High School Pasifika


All my Glory goes to God and I am grateful for all He has done for me and how far He has brought me in such a short time. I’m excited for what He has in plan for me as a weightlifter and also as a person.

Mālo Aupito.


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February 27, 2023