Daniel Scanlon | Sport

Daniel Scanlon | Sport

I am a 20-year-old athlete studying at the University of Waikato. My love and enthusiasm for sport and leadership has led me to study Sports Science. I will then branch off into teaching, allowing me to share my passion and knowledge as a teacher, coach and mentor. While enjoying all sports, I have excelled in several with hockey being particularly favoured. Constantly I am working on becoming the best athlete and leader possible. Determined to be the best I can be, I am dedicated to hard work. Whenever possible I’ll go the extra distant with my training; during games, I am fully committed to giving it my all. Having captained countless teams has been an honour and benefit to my development as a leader and player. Coming from a family of seven kids, I am adamant that a positive and productive environment is essential when working with others. Therefore, I hold huge emphasis on a good friendly team culture and strongly value good sportsmanship.

Personally, I strive to one day be part of a successful New Zealand hockey Olympics. With all the numerous representative teams I have enjoyed being part of, the most thrilling would be my international experience with the Junior Black Sticks. This experience has enhanced my passion and motivation to play elite hockey for the Black Sticks. I also wish to continue my involvement and development with the various Waikato and Midlands hockey teams I’ve played with. My belief is to always set high goals, all the way to the stars. As it is a lot easier to hit a target if there’s one to hit. That is why my ultimate goal is not only to make the Olympics, but to also (as a team) be successful at the Olympics.


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February 6, 2018