Emma Phibbs | Music / Performing Arts

Emma Phibbs | Music / Performing Arts

Hey, my name is Emma Phibbs! I’m 17 years old, born and raised in Rotorua, currently attending Rotorua Lakes High. From a young age my parents have instilled in me the value of having a “go getting” attitude and the passion to always try new things. In our small community, I grew up immersed in hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

I was first enrolled in Ballet at age 7, and I loved it! Through the years I gravitated to other dance genres such as Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop, and I am beyond thankful that I was given these opportunities. Dance is both creative and artistic, yet very difficult to master musicality, correct technique and stage presence. Currently, I attend four technical & one performance class per week.

Dedication, time management, teamwork and self-discipline are just a few invaluable lessons which dance teaches me to apply in everyday life. Along with the importance of gratitude, humility and resilience which are strong values for me.

Dance has given me opportunities to perform with the NZ & Russian Ballet Companies, along with charity concerts such as the Rotorua Mayoral Fund, Cure Kids Charity Ball, Rotorua Dancing for Hospice and Breakers Basketball Half time entertainment. Last year I was ready to travel to L.A in April 2020 to attend top dance studio classes & workshops with performances on the Disney stage & Hollywood boulevard. Unfortunately Covid has cancelled those plans for now.

My plans next year are to pursue higher level education at Victoria University before auditioning for overseas dance companies in NYC where hopefully I can take my dancing semi-professional. I plan to take dance classes with groups such as NZ School of Dance during my time at Vic, to keep developing and advancing my passion and skill.


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September 14, 2021