Grace Wisnewski | Sport

Grace Wisnewski | Sport

My name is Grace Wisnewski and I am 18 years old. I started playing football when I was 5 with my older brothers and have loved it ever since.

As a kid, I always loved watching football on tv and always dreamed of representing my country. I have been lucky enough to be given amazing opportunities through football including representing New Zealand in u16,u17 and u19 age group tournaments including 2 World Cup qualifiers and the u17 World Cup where we were honored to become the first NZ team to get on the podium at a Fifa World Cup. Being able to participate in these tournaments has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people including teammates and coaches and has taught me so much about myself on and off the field.

Values that I hold myself accountable for involve, commitment, respect, leadership, dedication, resilience, and teamwork. playing in a team sport has allowed me to not only improve myself as an athlete but has given me the opportunity to express these values that I hold myself accountable for.

I am forever thankful for my teammates, family, and coaches/support staff that have given me so many amazing opportunities and supported me since day one. I hope that I can help and inspire younger footballers/athletes to dream big and that with hard work and smile anything is possible.


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February 9, 2021