Harrison McGregor | Sport

Harrison McGregor | Sport

Growing up I was very competitive in athletics, cricket, rugby and rowing however in 2022 I decided to dedicate myself to athletics, specialising in discus, shot put and hammer. Within this time period, I have seen massive gains in my throwing distance and my development as an athlete, with credit to my throwing coaches Kirsten and Pat Hellier, who have focused on perfecting my technique supported through a targeted strength and conditioning program. Being selected to represent New Zealand in 2022 opened my eyes to a pathway to compete at an elite level. I developed even more of a passion for the sport and a determination which drives me to set goals, train smart and ultimately highlight my gifts worth using. I ended my first committed season throwing ranked 32nd in the world for Under 18 men’s discus and 51st for Under 18 men’s shot put.

Living rurally in Tauranga has helped shape me into a well rounded person with a practical outlook. I completed my highschool years at Aquinas College in 2022 where I undertook leadership opportunities, showcased through my roles as Deputy Head Boy and House Leader. My passion for sport and desire to learn and understand more about body mechanics has led me to start a Sport & Exercise Science degree at AUT.

I am looking forward to the coming 2023/2024 competition season and hope to qualify for the World Under 20 Athletics Championships.


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February 5, 2024