Jaxson Russell | Sport

Jaxson Russell | Sport

My name is Jaxson Russell and I’m a 16-year-old road and track cyclist, I am originally from Auckland but moved to Cambridge 6 years ago. I have been doing track and road cycling for around 5 years and my goal Is to get into the New Zealand elite endurance squad and eventually go to Olympic and commonwealth games

I am currently taking biology, sports science and outdoor education to help achieve a sports science degree in university once I am finished school. I am very dedicated and passionate about both track and road cycling and put a lot of time into both disciplines, I am currently being coached by former world track champion and former professional road cyclist Greg Henderson and am currently in the Waikato bay of plenty performance hub which is helping me to achieve my goals in a safe and encouraging environment. Through this, I am learning a lot about my self, in particular how I can be a better person on and off the bike, social life, and how to deal with hardships.


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February 9, 2021