Reeghan de Bono | Sport

Reeghan de Bono | Sport

I am a hard working, passionate athlete with a willingness to accept and face challenges, learn new skills and extend my repertoire. I have been apart of team sports from a young age including touch football, volleyball, basketball and netball, the environment of team sports is one that I love and have gained a broad range of skills and knowledge which continues to grow with every team I am involved in.
Over the years, my love for netball has grown, which has lead to my involvement at my local club, continuing on to represent my state and then making the National U17 Netball Squad in Australia. Since moving to New Zealand, my selection into the Aotearoa Maori Netball Squad, the NZSS Development Camp, being identified as a New Zealand U21 Player and being apart of the Netball Waikato Bay Of Plenty National Netball League Team has provided me with great amounts of opportunities to train, play and compete against some people with amazing talent.
I always put my best effort into everything and anything that I do and I always ensure that I go the extra step to gain what I need. I love coaching and giving back to the game and clubs that have supported me.
My whanau are a big part of my why, they are the reason why I am where I am today, and they have played a massive role in shaping me to become the person I am. The support and encouragement from my family have help guide me in reaching my goals not only in netball but in my everyday life.


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February 15, 2022