Riley Wills | Sport

Riley Wills | Sport

Hi my name is Riley ,I am 17 and my family come from Tauranga.
I have always loved any activity to do with the outdoors and have a range of passions these include Hunting,spearfishing,skiing,rock climbing,road cycling.mountainbiking,off trail running, many of these activities i have been doing since I was very young with my family.
In the last two years rowing has also become a big passion ,I will share how my rowing journey began,
I have been lucky enough to attend St Pauls Collegiate in Hamilton for my secondary schooling as a boarder ,a highlight so far was attending Tihoi Outdoor school in year 10 ,where I learnt so much about myself and how to be tolerable ,patient and also share and support people with my good knowledge of the outdoors ,living with others and learning to negotiate and let things go sometimes, to be kind and keep a good sense of humour, being challenged mentally and physically and having to push through when you think you cant go any further or work out hard situations. I also became super fit while at Tihoi as we ran everyday with the aim of a half marathon at the end of Tihoi and on my return to school for the second part of Year 10 decided rowing might be a good sport to try as the amount of training would keep me busy .
And so my rowing journey began ,my time at Tihoi helped so much as all the things I have mentioned are so needed for rowing ,it is the hardest sport I have done but because of that also the most rewarding .
Last year to have worked so hard for the season and then not have my first Maadi because of Covid was hard for myself and all the rowers ,as every rower no matter if they medal of not has worked so hard to get to Maadi , but it was another test of resilience and determination to come back again this year determined and ready.
A dream came true at this years Maadi as I fortunately won the U17 single Scull ,a day I will never forget .I have so many people to thank for helping me achieve this ,especially my coach ,school and my parents .
My future ambitions is to do well at the next Maadi and hopefully be invited to trial for the U19 NZ Squad,and if selected row at Junior worlds as to say I rowed for my country would be the Ultimate !!!



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February 15, 2022