Reuben Webster | Sport

Reuben Webster | Sport

The jump from competing as a Under 19 to racing against the worlds best in the Elite category has been the biggest stepping stone and challenge in my athlete life so far. I find even with the support of such a generous community that athletes still need to take some of these stepping stones on their own. Having the support of The Adastra Foundation, these challenges become easier to navigate. Commitment, Dedication and Respect are values i’ve held high in every aspect of my life. These continue to grow with me as i develop as an up and coming elite athlete. Respect towards fellow athletes looking to develop along with me, respect for coaches who go out of their way to help me produce the best throughout my career.

2020 has been a very eventful year for everybody in the world currently and will make competing challenging, but this won’t stop thousands of athletes from pursuing their goals and most definitely wont be stopping me.


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February 9, 2021