Sarah Tetzlaff | Sport

Sarah Tetzlaff | Sport

Who am I? That’s a hefty question.
I’m a Sport Climber from Mt Maunganui. Also a bit of a clown. In a sport where you frequently fall ungracefully, it’s hard to take yourself too seriously. I’ve been representing NZL in Sport Climbing since 2017 and have competed in numerous Open World Cups including the 2019 Open World Championships, as well as the 2018 Youth Olympics.

I train 6 days a week. I’m a student at Waikato University studying Environmental Science. I also coach kids and adults. No, I don’t have a social life- but I do look after my neighbour’s cat often.
Outside of sport climbing I love to do a bit of trail running and rock climbing in the bush.

My long-term goal is to qualify for the Olympics in 2024/2028. Let’s see what happens!


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February 9, 2021