Jai Fitzwalter | Sport

Jai Fitzwalter | Sport

I love sports; I always have. Sport brings together people from all backgrounds and has introduced me to so many friends. It has also taught me about hard work, teamwork, communication, resilience, and compassion.

The hardest decision for me was deciding upon my main sport. But from an early age, hockey has been my passion. This may be as hockey runs in the family but I have always enjoyed being part of a team. However, my development has not been easy. Whilst I have represented Waikato since U13, I faced many disappointments with not making the teams I had hoped to. I have had to focus on developing my hockey skills, improving communication, and building my own confidence but over time, I have persevered and this has led to my improvement and then selection into the top teams I was aiming for.

The biggest satisfaction I get from sport is giving back and making a difference to other people. Umpiring has allowed me to do this which has also required me to build confidence to back my decisions. Alongside this I have tried my best to be friendly, encouraging and welcoming particularly when I have been in leadership positions. I try not to forget the tough times and do what I can to ensure others’ experiences are even better than my own.

As I look ahead, I have set myself some tough goals. This is to train to become a doctor, and eventually a surgeon, whilst continuing playing hockey at the highest level. This will a huge challenge, though, through my gap year, I have learnt that my competitive nature fuels my need to be highly challenged and keeps me motivated to achieve my goals.


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March 11, 2022