Taine Larsen | Music / Performing Arts

Taine Larsen | Music / Performing Arts

An important idea I have adopted in my life is to be a “Yes man”. I take on as many opportunities as I can in all areas because I enjoy an array of hobbies and the challenge of learning something new. I offer a diverse outlook through my widespread involvement in the arts, sports, leadership and academics.

My mother always prioritised my growth, ensuring that I would be a well-rounded man. I strive to be someone that everyone can be proud of, a “good man”. I credit this to my mother who when times were tough, supported me and emphasised the core values I live by today. One of these values is gratitude, in March of 2021 I suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple muscle tears, and broken bones, which spiralled me into chronic sickness and surgery. This experience brought me down to earth, allowing me to realise my gratitude. I’m pleased that I was able to be resilient, resulting in my selection for the Robert Naumann Cup for the top all-around y12 student, receiving this award in both y11 and 12.

Sport has always been my priority, pursuing mountain biking and hockey on a national level. However, over the past year, I have become more involved in music. Not only do I enjoy writing and composing but also performing solo or in jazz, popular music or symphonic bands. My devotion to the arts spans beyond just music, but also drama, productions, ensembles and more.


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February 27, 2023